Ministry Leaders at Union Grove

Reports to Maturity Leader: Pastor Ryan Napalo

Senior Pastor: Ryan Napalo

Deacons: Carl Loftin, Carlton Green, & Robbie Harris

Trial Deacons: Darrel Grimes, Dewayne Winter, John Young, & Tracy Thompson

Church Administrative Board: Pastor Ryan Napalo (Chair), Mike Mitchell, Carl Loftin, Carlton Green, Darrel Grimes, Dewayne Winter, John Young, Tracy Thompson, Robbie Harris, and Freda Mitchell* (Objective Voice)

Licensed Ministers: Ryan Napalo, Cindy Reynolds, Rob Abel, Barry West, & Hal Johnson

Church Clerk, & Bulletin: Mary Green

Secretary & Treasure: Freda Mitchell

Assistant Secretary: Sybil Thompson

Website Administrator: Pastor Ryan Napalo

Church Decorations: Katelyn Clouse

Youth Pastor: Matthew Mitchell

Director of Small Group Ministries: Ryan Napalo

                  Leaders: Darrel & Keisha Grimes, Mark & Kimberly Simpson, Rob & Derenda Abel, Mary & Carlton Green

Women’s Ministries: Jennifer Napalo

Men’s Ministries: Tracy Thompson & Dewayne Winter

Children’s Ministries: Michelle Clouse

Children’s Worship: Keisha Grimes, Lindy Abel, & Katelyn Clouse

Director of Senior’s Ministries: Hal Johnson & Bobbie Stephens



Pastor Appreciation Committee: Sybil Thompson

Cemetery Committee: Ryan Napalo, Mike Mitchell and Carlton Green


Reports to Membership Leader: Brother Mike Mitchell

Church Property Maintenance: Mike Mitchell

Chief Usher & Public Relations: Mike Mitchell

Ushers: Cecil Woods, Carlton Green, Mark Simpson, Farin Wilbanks, Dewayne Winter, Kevin Roberts

Director of Christian Education: Mike Mitchell

Sunday School Secretary: Donna White

Teachers- Freda Mitchell, Mary Green, Farin Wilbanks, Teresa Wilbanks, Kimberly Simpson,John Young, Erica Young, Matthew Mitchell, Nell Jacobson, Kayla Mitchell, & Mike Mitchell

Attendance Control, Church Literature, & Historian: Mary Green

Greeters: Mike Mitchell, Carlton Green, Tim Grissom, and Sybil Thompson



Reports to Magnification Leader: Darrel Grimes

Worship & Magnification Leader: Darrel Grimes

Worship Team: Sheba Winter, Jennifer Napalo, Kim Harris, Kayla Mitchell, Ronnie Harris, Julie Thompson, Tracy Thompson, & John Young

Audio/Video Engineer & Coordinator: Ronnie Harris & Ryan Napalo, & Kevin Roberts

Audio Controller: Barry West

                  Video & Projection Controller: Barry West


Reports to Mission & Outreach Leader: (To Be Appointed)

Director of Outreach Ministries & Visitation Follow-up:

Teams –

Director of Prison Ministries:

Director of Harvest Partners Ministry (Missions):

Director of Heritage Care Ministries: Mary Green

Magnolia Messenger & Local News Reporter: Sybil Thompson

Operation Christmas Child: Jennifer Napalo

Angel Tree: Michelle Clouse



Note: Anyone needing to use the facilities please contact Freda Mitchell at 662-840-0660.

Also those using the facilities will be responsible for supervision and cleanup of all activities.

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