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Ryan Napalo is the Senior Pastor at the Union Grove Family Worship Center and serves as a Professor at the University of Phoenix in the department of IS&T. Pastor Napalo has served in all areas of the local church, His wife Jennifer along with him serve the State of Mississippi as Camp Directors, and Pastor Napalo serves as a member on the Stewardship & Administrative Committee for the State. In addition, he holds three different degrees within his Masters Degree in Business, Information Technology, and IT Security & Cryptography. Pastor Napalo is eager to begin his doctoral study in education very soon.

2015 Camp Information

MS Camp Staff Training
May 1 -2 at Kamp Kumbaya

Regional YAK Kamp (Young Adult Camp) – $70
May 29th – June 1st
Ages 18 – 35 (no one under age 18 may attend)
Pee Wee Camp – $90
June 3rd – June 7th
Ages 6 – 9
Senior Camp – $95
June 8th – June 13th
Ages 14 – 17

Junior Camp – $95
June 14th – June 19th
Ages 10 – 13

Kamp Applications

2015 MS Summer Camps Camper Application

2015 LA/MS Regional YAK Camper Application

Mission Team Fundraiser @ Noon March 21st

Join us Sunday March 21 at Union Grove for our lunch fundraiser. We will be serving Taco Salads for donations, and all proceeds go to help our 2015 Ecuador Mission Team.

Welcome to Union Grove

We are thankful for this new opportunity to make our website more user friendly and accessible to everyone who visits us. This new site will offer many advantages for ease of access as well as our development of a mobile app and giving platforms.